TradeDay Funding Review 2023

Make your dreams of profitable futures trading a reality with TradeDay! Led by three experienced traders, James Thorpe, Steve Miley and Tera Vicker, the prop trading firm provides funds to qualified applicants who pass their Evaluation challenge. Committed to helping you succeed in any stage of your journey—beginner or advanced—TradeDay offers comprehensive programs for competitive pricing along with market commentary, fundamental analysis and other invaluable resources designed to support you every step of the way. Discover all that this exciting opportunity has in store today!

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TradeDay is the ultimate resource for mastering the futures market. Their comprehensive platform offers traders invaluable insight through coaching, webinars and educational tools to help eliminate much of the trial-and-error common in trading. They provide clear guidelines so access to funding is simple with excellent payouts - who wouldn't want to keep their first $10K profits plus 90% thereafter? With TradeDay's expertise at your fingertips you can be sure that every potential opportunity will be seized!

TradeDay's experience and team

TradeDay, an innovative trading platform founded by a savvy trio of professional traders with wide-ranging experience in the futures market, has been transforming the landscape for years. Led by CEO James Thorpe - who boasts more than 15 years of full-time tradings and leadership roles at Mercury Derivatives/Futures First, Clear Capital Group LLC and Lakeside Trading LLC – TradeDay's founders have provided invaluable mentorship to countless budding traders while marshalling some truly exemplary successes within their respective careers. Together they continue to revolutionize financial industry practices across all markets! With years of experience and expertise under his belt, James has forged a successful career in the financial sector. After taking on executive roles at exchanges and working as a futures broker, he went even further by establishing trading teams all over the globe – from Europe to Asia to Africa and back across the pond in America! His current base is Chicago, where he continues making strides day after day.
Steve Miley is an highly accomplished trader, boasting over a decade of experience in the futures, forex and CFD fields. He established Market Chartist with great success- so much that it has won multiple awards! As well as this amazing achievement within his sector he also has 13 years' worth of expertise leading technical analysis research at both Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse - impressive credentials indeed. Steve makes London home these days where can be found teaching courses on wealth management at The London School of Wealth Management; to top off his distinguished career spanning back 8 successful years in senior futures broking roles too!
With an impressive two decades of experience in the trading industry, Tera Vicker is a veteran investor with an extensive knowledge and understanding of European bond futures. Having held prominent positions at Advanced Trading Ltd., Faltech Ltd., CBC Futures Brokerage and Chicago Mercantile Exchange, her expertise spans from arbitrage to currency brokering. Based out of bustling Chicago city - this financial powerhouse brings dynamism to the world's dynamic markets!

TradeDay's Partners

With a powerhouse founding team and dynamic partnership network, this company provides traders with the perfect blend of expertise to maximize their success. Their market commentary, fundamental analysis, top-notch tools and unparalleled support are unrivaled in creating trading opportunities for long-term growth.

Is TradeDay Legit?

TradeDay is a prop firm that traders can trust! Not only have customers on Trustpilot left great reviews of the company's services, they are also full of praise for TradeDay's funded trader program – providing all the latest info needed to succeed. Plus, users noted an attentive customer service and genuine dedication from TradeDay in helping traders prepare for their challenge. Clearly this company goes above and beyond when it comes to supporting its clients - no wonder why so many speak so highly about them!
TradeDay's commitment to its traders is evident from the positive feedback they have been receiving. Unlike many other prop firms, a live account with TradeDay comes funded with actual money and not just demo capital - an indication that the organization has great confidence in their tradespeople’s abilities to succeed!

TradeDay's Pricing

TradeDay offers an unbeatable way to get started in the world of trading, no matter your level. A free 14-day trial lets you take a sneak peek at their Beginner and Advanced programs - perfect for honing skills or taking that first step into financial freedom! Then when it's time to upgrade, there are just two account sizes available so every trader can find one tailored specifically to them. Ready? Jump right into TradeDay’s innovative platform today!

Free Trial

Experience the world of TradeDay with a free, two-week trial! Discover endless resources and courses to develop your trading skills without having to worry about credit cards or evaluation. Get full access - from interacting in the community, using their dynamic platform, exploring research data & more - all absolutely FREE for 14 days!


Whether you're just getting your foot in the door of trading or have been investing for awhile, TradeDay's Beginner membership is perfect! For only $165 per month gain access to an entire suite of features and services that can help grow your portfolio- including a full education center filled with resources, our user community comprised of traders like yourself who are ready to answer questions and offer advice, plus live evaluation along with access to research. Get started on building success today!
This beginner program is designed with precise evaluation targets and risk management protocols in mind. A maximum of 2 lots/20 micros can be taken, increasing by 1 lot for every $1000 added to the trading account. To protect from major losses, a daily stop loss limit of $500 has been set while also aiming for at least a profit target of $2000 and allowing no more than an overall trailing drawdown amounting up to $1500 per month; all this under relatively low leverage rate starting from only fifty thousand dollars!


Take your trading to the next level with our Advanced Evaluation Challenge! With up to $350 per month available in funding, you'll also have access to all of the features previously available at the Beginner tier. Plus an added bonus - a 50 minute one-on-one mentoring session every month for as long as you're part of this challenge! You won't find higher daily loss and drawdown limits on any other account type or position size than those offered here. Upgrade today and take advantage of these amazing opportunities!
This advanced program offers a powerful opportunity to gain $350 in monthly returns, with up to $100,000 of leverage available. Innovative features such as the ability to add one lot for every thousand dollars invested and stop loss limits on daily profits ensure an intense yet controlled trading experience - all while working towards a maximum position size of 4 lots/40 micros! With ambitious targets like a profit target of $4,000 and trailing drawdown limit at just three grand set within restrictions never seen before you can be sure that risk is managed without sacrificing profitability or excitement.

Beginner Vs. Advanced Program

TradeDay has developed two different trading plans to help you achieve your goals, no matter where you're starting from. Their Beginner package provides the funding and knowledge required for beginning traders to learn about futures markets and develop their own strategies. Meanwhile their Advanced plan offers something more suited to veteran traders who are looking for higher risk limits or personalized one-on-one mentoring with James or Steve during their evaluation challenge journey!

How Does TradeDay Work?

TradeDay is a challenge that invites traders to prove their trading prowess. Participants must adhere to five steadfast rules while reaching three objectives over the span of at least 10 days in order for them to pass with flying colors. It's an exciting opportunity, as every trader has equal footing and all it takes is skill and strategy-making! What will you come up with?
Evaluating a trader's success isn't about how quickly they reach the profit target - TradeDay wants to take the long view, which is why even if impressive results are achieved in less than 10 days of trading, that won't be enough. To determine whether an individual shows consistent and profitable performance over time, we observe their behavior for at least 10 trades.

Trading can be a great way to make more money! Whether you're just starting out or already have experience, reach your profit goals by trading and become financially successful. For beginners, the journey begins with shooting for $2000 in profits; advanced traders should go for double that - an incredible $4000!

TradeDay wants to cultivate successful traders, not risk-taking gamblers. To demonstrate that you are making calculated decisions and aren't getting lucky on big gambles, make sure no single day's earnings exceed 30% of your total profits over time. Consistency is key!

TradeDay 3 rules - Don't break 'em!

Have you ever wanted to avoid being a casualty of market data releases? Then make sure all positions are closed ahead of time! For those who trade in tier 1 markets, closing your trades before the day's end can help protect profits and mitigate risk.
TradeDay is a reliable provider of trading access for the esteemed CME Exchange Group Futures products. With just one click, investors have access to an expansive range of commodities and derivatives available on the market today - making it easy to stay ahead in this ever-changing economic landscape!
Keeping track of your losses is integral to the trading process. With this evaluation, you'll be able calculate and monitor the trailing maximum drawdown on end-of-day balances - giving insight into just how much ground can be lost before it's time wrap things up!

Conslusion: Is TradeDay the right choice for aspiring traders?

TradeDay is revolutionizing the world of sponsored futures trading! With their innovative, fully funded real money accounts from day 1, they create a safe and secure environment for traders to thrive. Their powerful software Tradovate can be used on any device - phones, computers or web browsers – making it easy and convenient to manage your account anytime , anywhere. Offering an unparalleled opportunity with no risk involved; TradeDay has become the go-to platform for aspiring successful traders around the globe!
TradeDay prop trading - the perfect choice for traders looking to increase their income. With an array of programmes carefully constructed to offer superb service, functionality and education at competitive prices, success is just around the corner! TradeDay are passionate about helping ambitious traders fulfil their potential in collaboration with them.


Investing can be a risky and daunting endeavor, but there are places to start that don't involve risking your own money. You won't have the potential for great returns with this strategy, however you also won’t need to worry about losing anything either. Before investing it is important to consider only using risk capital - funds someone could lose without jeopardizing their financial security or lifestyle – as results in the future may differ from past performance.


Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations, some of which are described below. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particular trading program. One of the limitations of hypothetical performance results is that they are generally prepared with the benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk of actual trading. For example, the ability to withstand losses or to adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses is material points, which can also adversely affect actual trading results. There are numerous other factors related to the markets in general or to the implementation of any specific trading program, which cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results and all of which can adversely affect trading results. Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.


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