Apex Trader Funding: Reviews and Coupon Codes

Apex Trader Funding is a great choice for futures traders looking to get ahead. With extremely generous profit splits, relaxed trading rules and regular payments, this prop firm stands out from the crowd.
Discover the potential of two payouts every month and start trading full-sized contracts with just seven days' worth of qualification! With no scaling or failing over contract size, daily drawdowns, nor any total cap on maximum payout - you can make sure that your normal day to day strategy stays intact even during news cycles. Plus, a simple one-step evaluation process provides real time data for up to 20 accounts so risk management is made easy as well.


Coupon Codes

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Note: Apex is offering an exciting discount for customers signing up to a new account. However, unfortunately this offer does not extend further past the signup process and can't be used on existing accounts or billing adjustments - so make sure you take advantage of it at the start! Coupon codes also cannot apply to any resets or PA activation fees associated with these discounts.

If you've ever faced the dreaded performance account failure, fret not! There's an amazing opportunity in store for you; a one-time 80% OFF on your first month and up to 50% Off recurring billing thereafter - now that sounds like sweet relief.


Apex Trader Funding Review 2023

Are you ready to take your trading up a notch? Apex Trader Funding is the perfect choice. It's suitable for traders of all levels – regardless if you’re just starting out or are an experienced pro. With tempting profit splits, simple guidelines and immediate payouts it has helped many futures traders reach their goals!
Take your trading career to the next level with Apex Trader Funding - read our review and get all of the information you need to make an informed decision about if this prop firm is right for you.


What is Apex?

At Apex Trader Funding, traders of all levels can gain the edge in their futures trading without risking any of their own capital. Their simple evaluation process opens the door to a funded account with Apex's own resources - giving users access to profitable trades at an affordable price. With few restrictions and a straightforward plan for success, Apex is quickly becoming one say savvy investors turn when looking to maximize profits within this exciting field!

Who Founded Apex Trader Funding?

With the aim of giving traders unprecedented freedom, Darrell Martin founded Apex Trader Funding in 2021. He had already established a strong trading community and sought to create something that went beyond traditional firms on all fronts; offering broader flexibility and fewer constraints, it was clear he had achieved his goal!

Apex Trader Funding Tradable Instruments

Apex Trader Funding makes trading futures simple! Whether a savvy trader looking to dabble in agricultural products or a more experienced investor exploring equity derivatives, this platform has something for everyone. Check out the full range of options available – and start maximizing your earning potential today.

Apex Trader Funding Commissions

Apex Trader Funding offers a performance-based commission structure, allowing traders to pay only a portion of their profits as fees. The percentage will depend on the terms agreed upon in the funding agreement and could vary from trader to trader. In addition to monthly commissions taken out of their accounts, some traders may be charged an additional fee for achieving certain goals or benchmarks over the lifetime of trading with this provider. Ultimately, utilizing Apex Trader Funding is guaranteed potential cost savings since it reduces overall costs associated with profitable trades due its unique commission structure - good news for any aspiring professional looking for lower overhead!

Apex Trader Funding Trading Platforms

Apex Trader Funding offers nine excellent options for your trading platform. You'll need to download Rithmic before using NinjaTrader or any other of the platforms, which will activate your data feed and allow you to place trades. Popular choices include Bookmap, Finamark, Jigsaw Trading MotiveWave & Quantower; all offering an intuitive interface with advanced analytical tools designed to give traders a competitive edge in their strategies.
Apex Trader Funding has given traders more options with the launch of their Tradovate/NinjaTrader platform and NinjaTrader Mobile. Unlike Rithmic, this new system is equipped with a unique data connection that will be sure to provide an enhanced trading experience for its users.


Ninja Trader / Tradovate Integration

Apex recently granted its traders' wishes with an exciting new update introducing integrated NinjaTrader and Tradovate into the mix. From expanded markets, including Eurex, to TradingView platform accessibility - this upgrade provides access for both existing and prospective customers like never before! Going above-and-beyond standard security measures by providing two factor authentication (2FA) as well as Mac OS compatibility on a browser based interface makes trading at apex unbeatable in today's market.

Evaluation Process

The path to funding with Apex Trader Funding is an easy one! To get your trading career off the ground, start by selecting a desired account size. Upon doing so, you'll then gain access to their Evaluation Account - where all of your best trades will be carefully assessed and scrutinized as part of Apex's simple evaluation process. A successful pass here could open up opportunities for professional traders looking to secure their financial future through prop firm funding!
Ready to take the plunge and make trades with up to 20 accounts? If you're willing to put in some research time, then this is the platform for you! The general rules of 7 days trading followed by a live Trailing Drawdown are just part of what makes their system so attractive. Plus, you can trade religiously through holidays and news releases without any scaling plans or consistency limits getting in your way - giving every trader an equal chance at success!


Evaluations Available and Pricing

Apex Trader Funding provides an impressive range of account options for traders - from small-scale projects starting with $25K through to substantial investments of up to $250K. With such a wide variety, you'll be able to find the ideal size and capital level that's just right for your trading goals! Check out the breakdown below which outlines each option in full detail so you can make informed decisions about what works best for you.

Apex Trader Funding is a great choice for traders of all levels and styles. Newly minted day traders can start with small amounts to test the waters, while experienced swing or scalpers will find plenty of capital available as they take their trading to new heights. With its relaxed ruleset, there's no need to look any further!

Top Apex Trader Funding Features

90-100% Profit Split

Apex Trader Funding stands out from other funding programs with their heavily weighted profit split in favour of the trader. With a generous 100% for your first $25,000 and an impressive 90% on all profits after that, no wonder it's one of our top preferred options.

Get Paid Every Two Weeks

With Apex Trader Funding, you won't have to wait months for your profits - they offer a commendable two-week payout schedule. A real game-changer in the world of prop firms!

Flexible Trading Rules

Apex Trader Funding makes trading beautiful! Their rules provide flexibility, allowing you to adjust your strategies and styles while still staying protected. Holiday or news day? No problem. And best of all - their risk management is smart yet straightforward – so a beginner can jump right in without getting overwhelmed with unnecessary complexity.

Access to Trading Tools

Apex Trader Funding welcomes traders of all experience levels with an array of helpful trading tools. From a trade copier, to free 30-day education courses and specially designed automation software, Apex is the perfect platform for beginners and experts alike looking to optimize their returns in futures markets. Plus you can get personal mentoring through their unique coaching program!

Multiple Accounts

With Apex Trader Funding, you can trade with confidence. You're not limited to just one account - in fact, Apex encourages traders to make the most of their investments by utilizing multiple accounts! By diversifying your portfolio in this way you'll have more opportunities for profits and less risk overall; definitely a win-win situation!

Performance Account Withdraw Frequency & Methods

Apex Trader Funding Withdrawals offer a streamlined way to receive payments from trading activities. Every two weeks on the 15th and last business day of the month, withdrawals will be processed where users can get up to 100% for their first $25k and 90% thereon after that. The payouts are handled by Deel - an online payment processor allowing you to choose between multiple methods like wire transfer, ACH transfers, PayPal transactions or crypto currency exchanges! To avail your earnings in full swing make sure 10 days have lapsed since your completion of trade before applying as well having at least 10 consecutive gap days in between withdrawal requests with minimum threshold amount set at $1K each time!

Apex Trader Funding Pros

The 7-Day Evaluation by Rithmic Server offers a wide range of account sizes and the opportunity to enjoy some flexible fee structures. What make this offer stand out are its unbeatable rates, with the lowest ongoing monthly fees at $85/month or one-time pay option available as well, plus a reset fee starting from just $80. Trade when you like - including on holidays and news days - claiming up to 90% profit split in your favor (plus an initial lump sum of 100%, for deposits over 25K). Not only that but there's also free NinjaTrader license included during evaluation period – making it easier than ever before!

Apex Trader Funding Cons

At first impression, customer service may not be as fully-fledged and responsive as one would hope. Additionally, the trailing drawdown rule is excessively strict which certainly poses a problem for those looking to leverage their funds more efficiently. Unfortunately, there's no Discord channel available; this could have been an ideal source of helpful tips from experienced users or staff members alike!

Conclusion: Is Apex the right choice for aspiring traders?

Apex Trader Funding is the perfect choice for futures traders seeking a prop firm that fits their trading style. Enjoy attractive payouts and easy account management on top of simple rules - an ideal combination to watch your career take off! For those who want exclusive focus on futures, Apex has you covered; if diversified investments are more your speed, however, it may not be the best fit. Seize this opportunity today and start experiencing success in no time!


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